03 July 2009 00:00

More People Booking Gas Boiler Service

While it may stay hot for the next few months, Britons may wish to ensure that their central heating is in top condition before the temperature plummets in the winter.

And it has been revealed by Boilerguide that many homeowners are already taking this action by scheduling a boiler service.

The group asserts that the number of queries it has received for advice on scheduling a boiler service in recent weeks has increased.

Boilerguide adds that with many Britons deciding to improve their homes rather than move to a new one at the moment, ensuring that central heating is well maintained has become a priority.

It stated that with the UK winter lasting from November through to February, "it seems homemakers want a guarantee that home fixtures such as central heating and boilers will run smoothly and work effectively".

However, Britons could achieve cheaper gas bills if they invest in a new condensing gas boiler.

Indeed, the Energy Saving Trust claims that it could reduce annual energy bills by as much as £275.