Energy Saving Monitor

Make a difference by doing something positive to reduce the energy you use

A big thank you...

...for taking the decision to reduce the energy you use, your electricity bill and your impact on the environment. Making a difference starts with each and every one of us doing something positive to reduce the energy we use.

That's where your Energy Saving Monitor will help. It won't cut your electricity bills on its own, but it can show you how much energy and money you waste and help to change your habits, raise awareness and highlight everyday ways to be more energy efficient. 

Need help with installing your Energy Saving Monitor?

Download an installation guide for free (PDF).

You can also watch a quick installation video on the manufacturer's website

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Possible Cause Solution

No Display

Faulty display and/or display
unit supply

Unplug the equipment and start again

Corrupted display
(incomplete data)

Faulty Display

Unplug the equipment and start again

Alternating readings

Display unit picking up a signal from a neighbours transmitter

Follow the instructions on page 13 of the PDF manual

Data does not change

Incorrect installation

Unplug the equipment and start again

Cost reading seems excessivly high or low

Correct tariff has not been set

Refer to the tariff page on page 9 of the PDF manual

Temperature gauge excessively high

Located too close to heat source

Move monitor to a different location

Still having problems?

If you're sure the monitor is installed correctly and you've tried the advice above, then you can send faulty equipment to the address below. Please include your name, full address (including postcode) account number and brief description of the problem. Replacements will be issued within 28 days of us receiving the faulty monitor.

Freepost NAT 8560

E.ON Response Centre

Unit 18 Sandbank Business Park




PA23 8PB