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  • Children with lightbulb ideas
  • What is Energise Anything?

    Energise Anything is our new primary and secondary schools programme. It aims to inspire thousands of young people across the country to discover science in unexpected ways. 

    From powering Martian colonies and playing music with wired-up bananas, to mimicking huddling penguins - we want to energise young people’s inquisitive minds and a love of science.

What's involved and why?

  1. STEM skills shortage

    We want to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and try related careers.

  2. Engaging young people

    We’ve developed videos, activities, workshops and a competition to get you excited about STEM.

  3. Free resources and inspiration

    We want to help teachers deliver the curriculum in new and stimulating ways.

  4. Helping parents with homework

    We’re going beyond the school gates to help parents and families with activities at home.

How to get energised at home or in school

  • Animation

    Animations & activities

    Watch our science animations, then download free activities for the home or classroom.

  • Careers with STEM - E.ON

    Careers inspiration

    Where can STEM take you in life? Find activities and inspiration in some surprising places.

  • competition image


    Our science workshops for schools get pupils designing, making, dismantling and hacking as they learn.