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Careers inspiration

  • Open the door to exciting careers with STEM

    What does everyday life look like for people in the energy sector who’ve studied STEM?

    Watch the video below to experience a day in the lives of our colleagues, and explore the careers on offer through our activities for the classroom or home.

    Want to find out more? Explore the many roles we have at E.ON in our careers section. For more engineer and STEM careers information, visit the Engineering UK and Tomorrow's Engineers websites.

  • Discover what a week at E.ON looks like

Download an activity

  • Girls in classroom

    For the classroom

    Primary: Engineer Bingo

    Play careers bingo with your pupils to discover some unexpected people and skills.

    Secondary: Everyday Engineers

    Create a 'social CV' - a way students can capture and prove the skills they have as they go about their everyday lives.

  • Boy reading book

    For your home

    5 to 11 year olds: What Engineer?

    Engineering is everywhere - go on a scavenger hunt to find everyday items made possible by engineers.

    12 to 18 year olds: Get STEAMED

    Get to grips with what STEAMED means in the workplace. Explore some of the key skills and people needed to make an app.

  • Primary activities for the home - E.ON

  • Activities and animations

    Discover our exciting science activities and animations.