The plugin2engineering tour

“I would like to thank you and the team who delivered the plugin2engineering workshop. The delivery was slick, informative and well pitched. The activities were interesting and stretched the pupils without being too difficult. All the pupils commented that the experience gave them a good insight into the world of electrical engineering, much of which was quite a mystery before. Thanks for a thoroughly professional experience.”
Secondary Teacher

The E.ON plugin2engineering tour set off on 21st September 2009 to visit 30 schools in just over five weeks.

Each two-hour workshop was made up of four practical challenges. Each activity was designed around a real-life engineering problem for students to solve, as they set up the energy network for Electronica Island.

EdComs facilitators were accompanied by E.ON engineers, who enhanced the workshop by sharing their experience with students and identifying a winning team as Network Champion.

The plugin2engineering tour was Highly Commended in
the 2010 IVCA Clarion Awards.

The E.ON schools’ conference

“I found this conference very interesting. I can now report back to my school and we can all help to make a difference. I had a great time.”
Student delegate

“A really super experience!”
Teacher delegate

On 24th November 2008, representatives from secondary schools were invited to take part in the E.ON energy conference for schools at the National College for School Leadership in Nottingham.

The event was chaired by journalist and TV presenter, John Stapleton. Students aged between 14 and 16 enjoyed a range of workshops, discussions and other activities focusing on the future of energy provision and consumption.