E.ON's Youth Pathway

Youth PathwayAt E.ON we care about educating young people about the world of energy and we also want to help develop skills for the future.

E.ON’s Youth Pathway modules provide an opportunity for Key Stage 4 and 5 students who are thinking about their future at work to develop skills. 

We’ve created simple lesson plans that cover the topics of Personal Brand, Team Working, Communication, Confidence Building and Working with People. 

 E.ON has worked closely with the education community to make sure the lessons are appropriate for a secondary school audience so we hope you’ll download these readymade resources and find them useful. 

Here’s just a taste of what students will learn
My Personal Brand – Discover why image is important and how we are perceived by others
Team Working – Understand the benefits of collaborative working
Communication – Explore active listening and the communication barriers
Confidence Building – Identify successes and discover steps to becoming more confident
Working with People – Appreciate what good customer service is and how your behaviour makes a difference

Here’s a personal workbook to help support student learning



“As teachers we have a responsibility to help students prepare for the world of work. We appreciate resources that have come directly from potential employers and are current and relevant for students.”

“I like the Me and My Brand module. We’re always talking about making first impressions at school so asking students to reflect on themselves as a brand is an engaging way of addressing the subject.”