Energy home

Notes on Safety

Notes on Safety

Spot the danger

Objective: Understand situations where electricity and gas can be dangerous, and how to deal with them

Key words: electric shock, gas leak


Most pupils will be able to identify dangerous situations involving gas and electricity and suggest ways of putting them right.

Pupils working at a lower level will understand that electricity and gas can be dangerous and know how to use them safely.

Pupils working at a higher level will be able to suggest ways to use electricity and gas safely in the home.

Online activity: Spot the danger (10 mins)

Discuss electric shocks, gas leaks and other energy dangers. Pupils look at dangerous situations in the kitchen in the Energy Home and find out how they can be fixed.

Go to Spot the danger activity

Activity card 11: Safety Superhero says

Pupils use words provided to complete safety tips.

Additional support: Before photocopying, complete the sentences. Ask pupils to draw a picture that matches each sentence.

Extension: Pupils can write two safety tips of their own and illustrate them.

Download Activity card 11: Safety Superhero says

Safety certificate

When pupils have successfully completed  Spot the danger and  11: Safety Superhero says, write their names on the certificates. They could then decorate their certificate and draw in their face for the Safety Superhero.

Download Safety certificate