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Curriculum links: Wales

Use the table below to see how each activity in the Energy Home supports the curriculum for science in Wales.


  Topic Pupils should be taught Online activities Activity cards
Sc1 Scientific enquiry 1 The nature of science 1 to ask questions about their ideas in science What is energy? 1
2 to obtain information from their own work and also, on some occasions, from other simple sources Shine a light 7
3 to use their experiences and the information they obtain from their investigations to develop their own scientific ideas Shine a light 7
2 Communication in science 1 to describe their work clearly, in speech and in writing, using appropriate vocabulary   1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11
3 Investigative skills 2 that thinking about, and if possible suggesting, what might happen, can be useful when planning what to do

What is energy?

Shine a light!

5 to recognise risks and hazards Spot the danger


7 to follow instructions to control risks to themselves   11
11 to use results to say what they found out

What is energy?

Energy sources

Shine a light

12 to try to explain what they found out, drawing on their knowledge and understanding


Life processes and living things 2 Humans and other animals 4 that taking exercise and eating the right types and amount of food help humans to keep healthy What is energy? 2
3 Green plants as organisms 1 that plants need light and water to grow What is energy?  
Physical processes Electricity 1 that many everyday appliances use electricity and that they should be used with care

What is energy?

Energy at home

Spot the danger

1, 3, 11
2 to construct and explore simple circuits involving batteries, wires, bulbs and switches and other components Shine a light! 7
3 that electrical devices will not work if there is a break in the circuit, and that a switch in the circuit can be used to control an electrical device Shine a light! 7