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Curriculum links: Scotland

Use the table below to see how each activity in the Energy Home supports the curriculum for science in Scotland.


  Strand Level Pupils are able to Online activity Activity card
Energy and forces Knowledge and understanding: properties and uses of energy A give examples of everyday appliances that use electricity

What is energy?

Energy at home

1, 3

A identify some of the common dangers associated with the use of electricity Spot the danger 11
B identify the Sun as the main source of heat and light

Where does electricity come from?

Where does gas come from?
4, 5
Knowledge and understanding: conversion and transfer of energy B

give examples of being ‘energetic’

What is energy? 1
B link the intake of food to the movement of their body What is energy? 2
Skills exemplification: in preparing for tasks A make suggestions and contribute to the planning of simple practical explorations Shine a light! 7

plan simple approaches by asking questions and making suggestions

make suggestions about what might happen
Shine a light! 7
Skills in science Skills exemplification: in carrying out tasks A carry out simple observations and measurements Shine a light! 7