Energy nation

How do I use the Energy Nation?

You can use the Energy Nation section of the E.ON Energy Experience in different ways depending on factors including access to computers, class size and ability.

The table shows how the online challenges and activity cards work together. Each section can be used independently, but if you wish to use the materials sequentially, this is the suggested order. The navigation of the website and the numbering of the activity cards reflects this.

You can also use the Topics function to search for activities to support a particular topic.

Energy Nation topics

Section Online challenges and activity cards Main curriculum focus
The energy company  The generation game Science and geography
 The control panel Science
 1. Energy trading Science
The carbon tsar  Carbon emissions and you Science
 Tackling the country’s carbon emissions Geography
 2. Home energy audit Science and geography
The power generator  The power generator Geography
 3. The Westmarket report Geography
The Government  The Government Geography
 4. Three points of view Geography
The environmental scientist  The greenhouse effect Science
 Consequences of the greenhouse effect Geography
 5. Feeling the heat? Geography
The homeowner  The homeowner  Science and geography
 6. Energy efficient house Science and geography