Energy nation

Useful websites

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust’s website provides advice on how to save energy in the home and a poll on energy saving measures being taken in the home.


The Department for Trade and Industry’s website includes information about different renewable energy sources supported by case studies.

National Energy Foundation

The National Energy Foundation website provides information about different renewable energy technologies.

British Wind Energy Association

The British Wind Energy Association website explains how wind, wave and tidal energy work, including maps for wave and tidal power potential around the UK.

The Danish Wind Industry Association

The Danish Wind Industry Association website includes information about wind energy, from how it works to the history of wind energy. Also there are activities involving the different parts of a wind turbine, and wind turbine simulations in Wind with Miller.

BBC: wind and wave power

This report on the BBC website looks at how much electricity in the UK comes from wind and wave power, and future UK wind and wave projects.

The Energy and Resources Institute

The Energy and Resources Institute’s EduGreen website gives information about environmental issues such as energy conservation and climate change.

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment contains useful environmental fact sheets and activities about topics such as energy, global warming and the Kyoto protocol.


The WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) website looks at climate change and how individuals and businesses can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow global warming with their energy choices.

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency website looks at the different greenhouse gases and the dangers of climate change.

Learning and Teaching Scotland

The Learning and Teaching Scotland website explains why people need to be more energy efficient, what renewable energy is and what the UK is doing to tackle the greenhouse effect.

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust website provides free advice on how to save energy and cut down carbon emissions.

World Nuclear Association

The World Nuclear Association website looks at nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

BBC: nuclear energy

This BBC news article contains a guide to nuclear energy in the UK and looks the pros and cons of using nuclear energy in comparison to other fuels.