Energy world


The E.ON Energy Experience is a major new programme to help young people learn about energy. Whether they are starting out or finishing their schooling, energy will be a dominant theme in their lives. They are part of a generation that will have to make key decisions, individually and collectively, which will affect them and the rest of the world. The E.ON Energy Experience has the ambition of helping to create an energy literate generation giving them the information they need to make informed choices. 

The Energy World section of the programme, aimed at students aged 14–16, supports the science and geography curricula for England, Wales and Scotland. This programme can also help you to teach certain citizenship requirements and students with ICT or communication key skills requirements will also find the challenges useful. For more details on how the programme links in with your curriculum, see the curriculum links.

Energy World consists of a set of online activities plus a classroom pack containing 19 information cards and eight activity cards which you can photocopy. These are available to download below.

The E.ON Energy Experience materials are designed to be used flexibly, so the print materials can be used to support the online activities or used independently.

Energy World challenges students to look at energy from a national through to a global perspective. It allows them to explore key issues concerning the future of the planet, and to relate them to individual actions and commitments. It has seven sections:

Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
Local to global
Climate change
Using energy
A nuclear future?
Energy transformations
Distributing energy

Energy World also gives students the chance to manage the world’s energy use over a decade in Global Energy Manager. Students consider a range of sources and the views of the people.

These sections can be explored in the online challenges and the print resources listed below. You can download all of the information cards as one PDF by clicking on ‘Information cards’ or you can download individual cards by clicking on their names. You can download the activity cards and role cards in the same way.

Information cards (4.40Mb)

Traditional coal
Nuclear energy
Hydroelectric energy
Wind energy
Solar energy
Hydrogen fuel cells
Geothermal energy
Ground source energy
Wave energy
Tidal energy
Generating electricity
Distributing electricity
Electricity in the home
Climate change and the environment
Safety first!
Safe as houses

Activity cards (1.65Mb)

Renewable and non-renewable sources: Scotland and Italy
Local to global: Your usage
Climate change: Advantages and disadvantages
Using energy: Think safe!
Using energy: The energy efficient kettle
A nuclear future? The class debate
Energy transformations: Build a wind turbine
Distributing energy: Distributing electricity

Global Energy Manager role cards (1.09Mb)

Car enthusiast
Green campaigner
Technology expert
Nuclear engineer

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDFs. If you do not already have this installed on your machine, you will need to download Adobe Reader.

These notes outline how the online challenges and activity cards can be used and include objectives and suggestions where students working at a higher or lower level may need extra help.

Estimated time guidelines have been included to help you plan your lessons, but please note that these timings may vary depending on the level at which your students are working.

Self-assessment rubrics have been provided so pupils can assess their progress on each topic.