Energy world

Notes on A nuclear future?

Notes on A nuclear future?  

 A nuclear future and  The class debate

Science and geography

Timing: One or two lesson including homework in-between


  • Allow students to critically engage with detailed information and form a logical argument


  • Student performance during the debate


In pairs – Make one member of the pair for the motion, the other against.

In small groups – Different groups are either for or against the motion. You can create a knockout tournament. Your students will need access to PCs.

This activity is an interactive case study.   6: The class debate, supports the online material by providing students with tips on preparing and structuring a debate on the information they have uncovered in the online challenge and further research.

The motion is: ‘Our class believes that nuclear power is the right choice to meet the UK’s energy needs in the 21st century.’

This activity is complex and contentious, and it would be advisable to allow students, especially those of higher ability, to research further before launching a debate.

Here is an internet research trail for your students to follow:

Go to A nuclear future?

Download Activity card 6: A nuclear future? The class debate