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Notes on Global energy manager

Notes on Global Energy Manager

Science and Geography

Global Energy Manager role cards

Timing: One to two lessons


  • To appreciate the complex nature of energy management and consider a range of factors


  • Student performance during the activity
  • Teacher led questions once the activity is completed


Individually or in small groups – The students can run through the activity on their own or in small groups if there are enough computers.

As a class – You can use this activity with an interactive whiteboard. This is ideally an activity for the whole class.

The Global Energy Manager game allows students to manage energy for the world over a 10-year period.

Watch the opening slideshow as a class for context and then view each group giving their opinion. If you are using the activity offline, download the role cards.

Split your class into five equal groups. You could let your students choose a role, but that might result in a poor ability/gender mix in the groups. You could distribute energy pictures as the groups enter the room, on a seemingly random basis. The students then have to find who else has the same image as them and sit down in a group with them.

Give each group the role cards that set out their 'world view' in relation to energy supply and global warming.

Using the Energy sources and Information cards 1-13, each group has to come to an agreed 'position' on their solution for the world energy crisis. Emphasise that the aim is to come to an agreed standpoint, not to have an argument about which position is best.

After 20 minutes, stop the activity and split the five groups into six groups, with at least one student from each of the original groups in each new group. With a smaller class, it would be possible to split down into three groups.

In the new groups, the students have to present their agreed case from their first group, and come to an agreed solution again.

In these groups, they need to revisit the facts as they decide to increase or decrease the energy types they want to use or lose over the next decade.

This part of the activity has to be completed online. The groups now nominate one student to input their figures. Each group needs to give a brief presentation on how they reached those conclusions.

The groups

Car enthusiasts believe the world economy is dependent on the car, and that restrictive measures would be counter-productive and unpopular. They think that climate change has been exaggerated and fossil fuels offer a viable energy solution for the future.

Green campaigners are members of environmental pressure groups who believe that radical change is vital if climate change disaster is to be averted.

Technology experts think that technological development is the answer. They want to see the development of new energy saving materials and devices and alternative hi-tech energy supplies, such as fuel cells and photovoltaics.

Nuclear engineers believe that a major expansion of nuclear power would solve most of our problems.

Politicians think that climate change is inevitable, and governments should focus on managing the effects, with better flood defences and investigation of how economies will be affected.

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