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Notes on The power generator

Notes on The power generator

 The power generator


 The Westmarket report


Timing: Ideally spread over two lessons with a homework research project between the classes.


  • Research facts on global warming
  • Help students learn to present complex information in a simple way


  • News report for the local media, which you assess
  • Self-assessment form


In groups – The students take the role of local reporters covering a meeting about a proposed wind farm. They will need access to computers.

There is a wealth of online material for them to consider:

  • Wind energy information (also available on Information card 6)
  • Thoughts from key local figures in the debate
  • Vox pops representing the opinions of local people on the high street in Westmarket
  • A map of Westmarket showing the proposed location
  • Westmarket facts
  • A press release from the wind farm company, WindGen
  • Suggested external links

Explain that the students have to write or prepare a news report for the local media. Each member of the group researches a different aspect of the story and then they bring the results together in a presentation.

This could be a written presentation or a brief radio or TV item lasting a few minutes. Emphasise that a news report must have the feel of a news story. Ask the group to suggest what a real story would have as its main elements.

Then distribute  3: The Westmarket report and Information card 6: Wind energy if you wish. The students can refer to those for guidance.

Go to The power generator

Download Activity card 3: The power generator: The Westmarket report

Download Information card 6: Wind energy