Adopt an Energy Monitor

Pupils at 10 primary schools across the country were given an unusual classroom ‘pet’ to take home and look after – an E.ON energy monitor.

The nationwide ‘Adopt an Energy Monitor’ scheme – which was launched to coincide with E.ON’s drive to get the nation ‘energy fit’ – was piloted in schools across the country to teach children and their parents about saving energy and to demonstrate how energy monitors can help to easily track how energy is used (and often wasted) in the home.

To prove that energy saving can also be fun, E.ON created animal characters (donkeys, monkeys, rabbits, crabs and puppies) so children could decorate their energy monitors and take them home – just as they would the classroom pet – and work with parents or carers to conduct energy-saving investigations.

Children in participating classes undertook an energy-saving investigation at home using the energy monitors. They then took part in a curriculum-linked workshop led by an E.ON volunteer, culminating in a whole-school assembly where they shared what they had learned with other pupils, teachers and parents.

The Town of Total Darkness

In summer 2008, pupils in primary schools across the country were visited by E.ON’s Town of Total Darkness curriculum-linked theatre tour.

During the performances, the children engaged with the theme of energy. They helped two detectives, who had travelled in a time machine, work out why all the lights had gone out in 2030 and what they could do now to stop this from happening.