Jo - Engineering Graduate

Find out what working here is really like- in the words of our current graduates. After enjoying her undergraduate placement in an engineering role with us, Jo successfully applied for our Engineering Graduate Programme.

Jo talks about her experience in this video, or you can read the transcript below.

"Hi, my name's Jo Frost and I'm an environmental consultant and I work for E.ON Engineering.

On my undergraduate placement I was privileged to be doing environmental assessment impact work for a brand new coal fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent. I was given the experience of project managing that assessment process and managing a team of around 20 people. When I was on the undergraduate scheme I was encouraged to apply for a full-time role at E.ON and so I took a graduate assessment centre to apply for a place on the Graduate Scheme starting in 2007.

The Graduate Schemes always start in September and last for about 18 months and during that time you can do a few different placements or secondments to different areas of the business. And, at the end of those 18 months to two years on the Graduate Scheme E.ON will help you find a role that's suitable for you and that you'll enjoy and is appropriate to the skills that you've learned in your time there.

I've managed to work on a diverse range of projects during the two years I've been here as a graduate. I've undertaken research work into the interaction of bats and wind farms and also birds and wind farms. I've also been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work on the environmental impact assessment process to support the planning application for a new 150 mega watt biomass power station in Bristol.

I've been asked before by friends, co-workers and family what it's like being a woman working in an engineering profession and you sometimes feel like you are a scarce and rare commodity. But within E.ON you do feel valued, you feel like your opinion is worth just the same as any of your male colleagues. If you say you work as an engineer people always seem to have a lot of respect for what you do.

Because I was a graduate trainee I was assigned a mentor, so I've had an individual person from a similar background to me who's supported my professional development from the start of my career, and hopefully I'll work towards charted status in a few years time. E.ON have also provided me with lots of opportunities to work overseas and in different locations within the UK which is really exciting. 

People often ask me "what are E.ON doing to address climate change?" At the moment I'm working on getting planning permission for a biomass fired power station and that should help cut carbon emissions from our Generation portfolio.

If you want a job that's exciting and changes everyday then this is the sort of role or career for you. If you're from a scientific background, great, because there are a lot of engineering and science based roles, but also there are opportunities for people from any number of backgrounds. I never realised how diverse the company and people that work for it are.

If you're thinking about applying to E.ON for a Graduate Scheme role or just a full-time role then I wish you all the best and good luck!"