Candidate Experience Awards

Candidate Experience Award 2013

E.ON has been given a special award for its high standards in how it treats its candidates. In 2013, we were given a Candidate Experience (CandE) Award in recognition of our outstanding recruiting, screening and hiring practices. What’s more, of the 15 UK winners in 2013, we were one of only four companies that received a distinction.

As the name suggests, these awards focus on the candidate experience. Almost 3,000 job candidates were surveyed across 29 different companies. They were asked to rate their experience across the entire recruitment and selection process, from the simplicity of the application form to how they were treated at interviews. The data from these responses was collated and analysed, and the companies were then benchmarked against each other.

We received the award because we scored consistently higher than the national average across a wide range of criteria. Not only were we seen to deliver a positive candidate experience, we were also given a distinction for implementing innovative and stand-out practices in the recruiting process. Among other things, this recognised our work in encouraging applications from disabled candidates; an effort that has seen us improve the accessibility of our website and create a dedicated application hotline.