RIDI Awards 2014

Four ways we’re excelling in disability

 E.ON has been nominated for four different awards at the RIDI Awards 2014. RIDI, which stands for Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative, is a voluntary cross-sector initiative to drive change in recruitment and remove barriers for disabled people.
 In a recent press release, they announced that we’ve been shortlisted for a number of honours at their first ever awards ceremony— including ‘Overall Candidate Experience’, ‘Employers Choice’, ‘Reasonable Adjustments in Recruitment’ and the ‘Most Progress’ Award.

The last nomination is a particular highlight for us since it honours the company that had progressed furthest in the “journey towards inclusive recruitment best practice”.

 It’s an impressive showing — and one that Cheryl Parkin says is testament to all the hard work that the business has put into improving its disability recruitment practices. “We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made,” says the E.ON Employer Brand Manager. “We’ve become Clear Assured, attained our Two Tick status and seen a marked rise in the number of disabled job applicants.”
“But we’re probably most proud of the testimony of individual disabled candidates, who’ve told us about the positive difference our work has made to them. It’s inspired us to work even harder and make E.ON an ever more accessible employer.”