E.ON Technologies GmbH


A Day in the Life of...

Rachael Wheatman – E.ON Technologies GmbH Engineering Technician

6.30am - I set my alarm for this time every day. Although I admit I do sometimes like to use the snooze button, I'm usually pretty good at getting up straight away.

6.40am - I make myself a cup of tea, and get dressed ready for a 14 mile cycle to work.

7.10am - I leave the house, so I can get to work to get showered, fed and watered before I start at 9am. Both the technology centre and the academy have showers and provide a breakfast each morning.

9am - I check my emails. Normally if I am not on a course at the academy, they email across any external courses that have been booked for me, such as working at heights or driver training.

9.10am - This week I am working in the test and measurement department. The team are looking at involving me in a project they have running at the neighbouring Ratcliffe power station.

10am - It is confirmed I will be working over at the power station tomorrow. A site induction has been booked for me to attend after lunch.

10.30am - One of the team members takes me through the boiler burner refurbishment projects that the team are working on - the economiser inlet gas test and the furnace rear wall atmosphere measurement are two of them.

11am – I then go down to the workshops to be shown the equipment that is used. After hearing the term ‘Animal Test’ quite frequently around the office, I find out this device is a gas analyser which will test the percentage of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen in the economiser inlet.

12pm - Lunchtime for me today, a little earlier than usual but I need to be over at the power station at 1pm for the site induction.

1pm - The induction is to make sure I know the site’s procedures such as speed limits, evacuation procedures and recognise the fire alarms to ensure safe systems of work.

3pm - I arrive back at the technology centre and ensure I have the right PPE (personal protective equipment) for tomorrow’s early start at the power station.