About us

E.ON provides electricity and gas to 35 million customers – over five million of them here in the UK. It’s incredibly complex work. Yet our vision is a simple one. We want to be the trusted energy partner for our customers.

So how are we building trust with our customers?
For one thing, we’re talking to them and finding out what they really want.  This has led to lots of innovations in recent years – such as clear, single-sheet bills and fewer tariffs that are easier to understand.
We’re also helping them control their energy usage. Across the UK, we’ve introduced SMART meters into customer homes. Our telephone advisors now provide free energy saving advice as a matter of routine. We also have onsite teams carrying out energy-saving home improvements, such as loft insulation.
In the wider community, we’re also building trust by backing technologies like Combined Heat & Power (CHP). These innovative systems allow customers to recycle heat and lower their fuel bills.
Last but not least, we’re building trust by protecting the environment. With 23 wind farms and the country’s largest biomass power plant, we’re major investors in renewable energy. Plus, we're developing new ways to make the very best use of our 13 oil and gas fields across the UK, Norway and Russia.