We lead the way when it comes to developing a more sustainable model for the energy sector

Developing renewable energy

Between 2011 and 2013, we invested 3 billion Euros in developing renewable energy and climate protection measures. We’re one of the largest green generators in the UK, with 23 wind farms and one of the UK’s biggest biomass power stations in Lockerbie. We’re also developing wave power. In fact, we were the first utility company to test a marine energy device. What’s more, we’ve got many more projects in development right now, involving everything from developing solar energy to breeding CO2 consuming microalgae.

Helping our customers use energy more efficiently

Whether we’re helping a householder to insulate their attic or working with large companies to advise them strategically, we’re helping customers reduce their carbon footprint – and their energy bills. We offer recommendations, install electricity and gas meters, monitor usage data, and come up with solutions to make sure our customers are using power more effectively.