How we assess you

How will we assess your application?

To make sure we’re getting the best graduates who really match our needs, we judge all our applications against four main competencies.
We think it’s only fair to let you know what they are. Think carefully about how you can show that you have these competencies throughout the application process. It will help give you the very best chance of success. 

The four competencies


Understanding the business 

You should understand the energy market, and show that you are really focused on your customers and able to work to improve your own particular business area.
Embracing change 

You are open to change within organisations – and give these initiatives your full support. 

Enhance teamwork 

You should be able to build strong, effective relationships, showing real empathy and support for others. 

 Personal Impact 

You act reliably. You support diversity. And you’re always eager to develop your own skills and knowledge.