Finance Graduate Scheme

Before joining this scheme, I already had a good idea of what E.ON was like. I did my finance undergraduate placement here. It was a brilliant experience and I was amazed by the responsibility they gave me. Even though I was only 19, they let me manage a £200 million portfolio for offshore wind. I doubt many other companies would do that. I could see this was a place where I could develop fast.
Now that I’ve joined the scheme, I have to say it hasn’t disappointed. As someone who studied Economics, I was never really interested in being a technical accountant. I’m more interested in shaping a business’ future – and that’s exactly what finance at E.ON provides. Unlike my friends at auditing firms say, what I do has real commercial value and a genuine impact on the bottom line.
To give you an example, I’m currently working on a hedging strategy project in Sweden. The Swedish have a different policy to UK in relation in how they hedge their power and this has opened up an opportunity for us to save on our costs. If we pull this deal off, it could save us something in the region of £8m a year. It’s these kinds of high-value deals that really get my blood pumping.