Science and Engineering Excellence Graduate Scheme

Since joining the scheme, I can honestly say there’s been no typical day. The placements have been so varied. I’ve worked in renewable energy supporting technology and innovation. I’ve looked at new technologies to improve our power plants. I’ve even worked in solar energy production. The breadth of work you get at E.ON enables you to build a well-rounded career. 
At the moment, I’m working to improve the efficiency of compressors we use to pump gas in and out of cabins, and I think it’s my favourite project so far. The work I’m doing here will help us to reduce our operational costs — and it’s great to know that my input is beneficial to the business. 
The training and development here is extensive. I’ve had training in project management, budget and time-management — which I’ve already put to good use in actual day-to-day work. I’ve also had training in health and safety and been on an intercultural effectiveness training course. 
That last course I took in Germany while on my placement in Essen. That was a fantastic experience because I got to meet my peers from Germany. It was brilliant to hear their experiences and share stories with them. Being in Essen truly changed my perspective on the business: it gave me a real insight into E.ON and I learnt so much about the customer-client relationship.