Undergraduate Engineering Placement

My undergraduate placement with E.ON was with the Renewables Modeling team, looking at wind, wave and tidal energy. This is completely different to my studies, which are focused on Civil Engineering, and the contrast has been both exhilarating and incredibly beneficial for me. I’ve learnt so many new skills on the job, giving me a fantastic edge in the job market.
I’ve always wanted to be involved with renewable energy, so this placement has been a perfect fit for me. The variety of work here has been fantastic, and I’ve enjoyed benefits such as flexitime and on-the-job training. The team provided me with training on programmes such as MatLab, and working on such a wide variety of projects has meant I now have an in-depth knowledge of a number of different types of renewable energy generation.
At the end of my placement I was given the opportunity to work on a project of my own, which I ran for one month. I was in charge of the budget, the deliverables, and keeping the client happy, which was an incredible amount of responsibility for an undergraduate. I really appreciate the amount of trust E.ON has given me during my time here.
I am joining the Engineering Graduate scheme in two years’ time when I’ve completed my studies – I can’t wait to see what else E.ON has to offer.