Science & Engineering Excellence Graduate Scheme

I was attracted to E.ON as it is one of Europe’s biggest energy companies. I’d already worked for a smaller firm in the renewable energy sector a year before. Although I really enjoyed the experience, I wanted to be part of a firm where I could have greater influence. I wanted to be part of an energy company that can really make a difference to the sector — and that’s exactly what E.ON is able to offer.
The training opportunities and the chance to work internationally were also very attractive. My international placement in Dusseldorf was a fantastic experience. In fact, I’m actually working in Germany at the moment even though I have completed my official graduate scheme. I really enjoy working in a multicultural team and I love the fact that E.ON has an international focus. 
I enjoy the excitement of working in energy. It’s an industry that does not stand still. My days are so varied. One month, I could be working on a water treatment project in an E.ON power station. The next month, I could be working on a joint venture with Brazil and Turkey on new energy efficient lighting technologies. It’s this variety and unpredictability that makes it so enjoyable.