Engineering Graduate Scheme

I decided to apply for the Engineering Leadership scheme because I knew E.ON could provide me with a vast amount of experience in sustainable energy — and I was right. So far on my scheme, I have worked on an offshore wind farm, in a power station and in the office on lots of exciting projects.
My first placement was at Enfield power station, where I was asked to investigate how to optimise water consumption rates. This was a lot of responsibility and I loved getting my teeth into such an important project from day one – the result was £30,000 in savings and a more sustainable way for the plant to consume water. It was a very proud moment for me and stood me in good stead for the rest of the scheme.
I love the fact that E.ON is an international company, with such a diverse workforce – it’s a very encouraging atmosphere to work in, and everyone is always willing to share their knowledge, which means I am learning new things every day.
The training here has also been fantastic, and when I requested to do some additional training in my specific area of interest, my manager was more than happy to assist. At E.ON, you will always find exciting opportunities if you seek them.