IT and Business Change Graduate Scheme

Tim LawlessThe scheme was an amazing experience. They gave me proper projects from the word go, and I was able to learn so much. On my first ever placement, I was with the Information Security team and played a key role in decommissioning our remote secure access tokens: an initiative that reduced our costs by £200,000 a year.  I was chuffed to be given this kind of responsibility so early on. Whereas most graduates would still be making the tea, I was actively contributing to the bottom line.

My other three placements were equally inspiring and challenging. Combined with the training, they gave me a real insight into where my particular strengths lie. Over the course of the two years, I found myself gravitating towards project management — and in fact, that’s what I’m doing now. For the past year, I’ve been working as a Business Change Project Manager. It’s been my first permanent role since finishing the scheme and I’m loving every minute.

My first project in my current role saw me prepare the business for some regulatory changes. We had to change the way we communicate to our customers. As part of this part of this project, I had to train 3,000 people in our contact centres in how to comply with the new legislation. It was a huge undertaking. But the experiences I had gained on the graduate scheme — along with the APMP professional training they put me through — have more than stood me in good stead.