Commercial Schemes

Commercial is where we look after our most important asset: our customers. It’s also the part that looks after our technology, our people, our finances and more.

About our schemes

Around £27,500 starting salary

£1,500 welcome bonus

UK and international placements

How can we enhance the customer experience? 
What technology will improve our business performance?  
How can we commercially develop renewable energy?

These are just some of the challenges our graduates tackle every day. That’s because Commercial isn’t actually one area, but many. It covers a wide range of functions all integral to the smooth running of our operation. And as such, it houses people with an equally wide range of talents.

Wherever you join us, your development will be taken very seriously. From the outset, you’ll be assigned a line manager and a mentor who together will help you create a personal development plan. As well as your strengths, this will identify the areas you need to develop. It will form the roadmap for your professional journey within E.ON and it will continuously evolve with you.

 Training won’t be in short supply either. As well as on-the-job coaching, you’ll benefit from a range of training workshops. Depending on your skills and aspirations, this might see you learning about the energy markets, intercultural communication or project management – like our business, the topics are many and varied.

Equally important, you’ll also receive the time and funding to gain a professional qualification. Depending on your scheme, this could see you gaining the CIPD, CIMA, Prince 2 or some other equally valuable accreditation. Likewise, there’s also the opportunity to gain international exposure too – as many of our schemes provide an overseas placement.

So that’s the basics covered; now get the detail on each of our individual schemes using the links above.