Engineering Schemes

Help us engineer a better energy future for all. Learn new skills, experience new things, work with acclaimed experts and gain chartered status along the way.

About your scheme

Around £27,500 - £40,000 starting salary (depending on scheme)
£1,500 welcome bonus
18 Months - 2 Year Schemes
UK and International placements

On our Engineering schemes, you'll develop and build your scientific or engineering expertise. You'll work across the UK and beyond to really understand our engineering businesses and their strategic importance.

Whether at one of our power stations, one of our offshore gas platforms, or in one of our labs, you can be sure of some unique experiences. As well as learning new technical skills, you’ll receive the time, funding and support to earn chartered status. Put simply, you’ll quickly find yourself essential to our future – just as this part of the business is for us.

 Wherever you join us, your development will be taken very seriously. From the outset, you’ll be assigned a line manager and a mentor who together will help you create a personal development plan. As well as your strengths, this will identify the areas you need to develop. It will form the roadmap for your professional journey within E.ON and it will continuously evolve with you.
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Science & Engineering Excellence

Exploration & Production

SMART Engineering