International Business Management Scheme

While I was on the scheme, I did four placements in total, including one that took me to Germany, and one that focused on the UK’s Green Deal. The latter proved to be a great opportunity to get really involved at the start of the company’s UK Downstream Strategy.

Another experience involved working as a Biomethane Business Developer – a commercial placement that helped complement my strategic skills. I found biomethane fascinating because of how new it was to the UK… and I was in a prime position to witness its development. 

Of all my placements – which also included a short stint analysing emerging downstream technologies across Europe – it was my time at the HQ in Düsseldorf that really stood out. While working in Upstream Strategy, I did an analysis of how high carbon prices would affect the way E.ON adapted to a greener world.

After completing the scheme in 2013, I moved on to UK Commercial Business, where I’m busy looking at non-organic growth opportunities for decentralised energy. Everything I do tends to revolve around mergers and acquisitions: right now, for instance, I’m working on a large deal involving the sale of an offshore wind farm’s transmission assets. 

The scheme has been an important influence on my current role. The multiple placements, in particular, gave me the chance to network with high level stakeholders: the same decision makers who I now report to and have regular contact with. The placements also opened my eyes to how the many parts of E.ON fitted together, which meant I was able to approach my new role with the assurance of knowing where I was going and why.