Science and Engineering Excellence Graduate Scheme

When I first started at E.ON three years ago, I had no idea where my career might lead. I had completed my Master’s in Environmental Sustainability — and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in this area. But aside from that, I didn’t have any fixed ideas about what course I should take. 

E.ON stood out for me because they were doing a lot of great work in environmental sustainability. I could also see that were major advantages to working for a company of this size. The training, travel, getting to represent the company at major conferences and events, flexible working hours, pension, professional development...the list goes on.

Now that I’ve completed the scheme, I can honestly say it was worth it. Looking back, my favourite project has to be Ironbridge. This was a coal fired power station that we wanted to convert to run on biomass fuel. I was involved in planning applications for the conversion, and this saw me coordinate our environmental studies and liaise with local council and stakeholders. The project was a success and the plant is now generating energy from 100% wood pellets. 

It was experiences like this that laid the foundations for what I do now. I’m now in Edinburgh, working as an Onshore Wind Project Developer. Engaging with stakeholder is a crucial part of my job. I regularly go to meetings with residents in their houses and engage with the local community at events. This is something you probably wouldn’t expect to do as a science graduate – but it just goes to show the breadth and diversity of our work.