Ring True.
By being open and honest with our customers, you'll make telesales a positive experience.

 Job Description

""Bring your contact centre and negotiation experience to us and our Sales Academy will teach you the techniques and knowledge to sell our products. So you'll be as passionate about them as we are. What's more, understanding the needs of each customer is important so you won't be held back with restrictive scripts. Instead, you'll tailor the sell to the individual, using quick thinking and excellent product knowledge to find the best package for everyone you call.

It's all about solutions. Get this right and you'll be the answer our customers are looking for.

Application process

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure both that you are right for the role and that the role is right for you. So there are no trick questions and no attempts to catch you out. It's purely a chance for you to show us what you can do, while getting a better feel for what's involved.

Initial application

For telesales roles you can apply online.

When you apply, you'll be asked a few very basic things about yourself - for example, whether or not you're eligible to work in the UK. 

Telephone interview

If you make it through our initial screening, the next stage involves a short telephone interview. We'll ask you a few simple questions about why you applied for the role and how you feel about telesales. We can call at a time that's convenient for you.

Recruitment event

Perform well in your telephone interview and we'll invite you along to one of our selection days.

This will include a numeracy test. As our telesales roles involve quoting customers we do need a basic level of numeracy -   this is nothing to worry about though as we give you some practice questions before we take you through the test itself. 

If you perform well in your numeracy test you'll be asked to stay on and take part in the rest of the selection day. This involves a role play - it isn't as scary as it sounds. You won't be doing it in front of other candidates and we certainly won't be testing your acting skills. It's simply a chance for us to see how you behave in certain situations. One of us will pretend to be a prospect customer and you will recommend a product and its benefits to close the sale.


During your interview, we'll ask you to tell us about situations you have been in and how you've handled them. It's important to talk about what you actually did in those situations, rather than what you think you should have done. And your examples should be about you, not other people. Work-based examples are preferred. But, if none come to mind, it is OK to use examples from outside work too. 

By attending one of our recruitment events, you'll be able to see what it's really like to work for us. After the interview, we always do our best to let you know the outcome as soon as possible so you can expect to hear from us within the next 48 hours.

Guide to assessment Click here to read the guide attached to help you understand and prepare for an assessment at E.ON.