Customer Fairness at E.ON

We continue to shape our business around the expectations and needs of customers.  For example, during 2015 your feedback  helped us shape our definition of ‘Customer Fairness at E.ON’.  If you’d like to help us change things in the future, please join our YourSay Panel.

So that you, our customers, feel fairly treated by us every time, we will treat you in the way that we would want to be treated ourselves. We aim to do this by:

• being honest with you – giving you simple, clear and accurate information so that you can make informed decisions
• saying sorry if we make a mistake – telling you promptly how and when we’ll put things right and keeping you informed of progress
• making it easy for you to contact us, because we know your time is precious and communicating with you in easy to understand language in a way of your choice
• giving you help to meet your energy needs, like ways to help you use less
• listening to you so that we focus on improving the things that are important

We will also make sure that we are fair to each other at E.ON so that we naturally use this experience to treat you fairly.

Read our customer statements to find out what else we have been doing to treat our customers fairly.