Our commitments

In February 2013 we set out our commitments for action for the first time, showing how we plan to regain the trust of our customers. By acting fairly, making things simple, knowing our stuff and doing what customers want and more, we hope we can achieve our vision of being our customers’ Trusted Energy Partner.

Our commitments cover our relationship with our customers, our people, the environment and the communities where we work, as well as how we finance and govern the business. Over the coming weeks, we’ll publish a progress update against our commitments and ask our customers to tell us what they think. Come back and visit our corporate responsibility hub for more news.

What we’re focusing on


We want both our home and business customers to be the most satisfied in the energy industry. Our plans include working with customers to control their energy use and installing a million smart meters in homes and businesses by the end of 2014.

Our people

Motivated colleagues mean satisfied customers, it’s that simple. By focusing on employee engagement, investing in training and supporting diversity, we’ll be able to build on the customer service improvements we made last year to become better and more consistent in everything we do.


Our goal is to produce low carbon electricity in a reliable and affordable way. To help us achieve this, we’ll continue to invest in a wide range of renewable energy projects – and gradually close our fossil fuel power stations.


Developing a positive relationship with the local communities where we live and work helps us all. We want to make a difference in a variety of ways, from supporting national charities to reducing fuel poverty and helping cities across the country reach environmental targets set by the Government.

Finance and governance

Our customers have told us they want to know how their money is spent and how we ensure our business is run with integrity. With this in mind, we’ll continue to be open and honest with our customers and maintain high standards in our governance and business ethics.