Acting with integrity

In a changing energy landscape, our five values are fixed points which inspire and guide us to build a business we’re truly proud of

Our values

Putting our customers first

Everything we do begins and ends with our customers. If we build strong relationships with our customers, they’ll trust us to help them find the right energy solutions for them. And if we can see things through our customers’ eyes, we’ll be better equipped to give them a positive experience – every time.

Working together

Regardless of our individual strengths, we’ll accomplish more by working together. Not just with our customers, but with communities, business partners, and our own people. By being open and fair with our customers, we’ll build trust and loyalty. And by empowering our employees to work together towards common goals, we’ll achieve more than we ever could alone.

Improving and innovating

In a dynamic and sometimes volatile sector, we must adapt swiftly to changing conditions. For us, that involves constantly aiming higher and looking for new ways to make progress. We know that innovative thinking helps us find better solutions quickly. But on top of that, we also need the courage to pursue bold ideas when appropriate, and to learn from our mistakes.

Winning together

When our customers succeed, we succeed. It’s what we call winning together. Likewise, if they experience a problem, then it becomes our problem too, until it’s resolved. We also strive to perform at our best at all times, leading the industry and helping to restore public trust in the energy sector.

Acting responsibly and with an open mind

We believe in doing things right – it’s how we earn trust. It makes people more likely to buy our services, to work with us and to invest with us. We never compromise on health and safety, and we operate sustainably to achieve long-term business success. We view the diversity of our workforce as a strength and care for the wellbeing of each of our employees.