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Standards of service

There are certain standards of service you can expect when it comes to your energy supply. 

Guaranteed Standards of Service

Some of these standards we’ve set ourselves; others are part of the obligations set for energy companies by Ofgem, the energy industry regulator.

Some are standards that the electricity distributors and gas transporters, who make up the distribution network, have to meet. If we don't meet standards, to say sorry we - or your electricity distributor or gas transporter - will pay you subject to certain exemptions. 


What to expect from E.ON

Electricity distributor

Find out more about the service you'll get from your electricity distributor.  


What to expect

Gas transporter

Find out what you need to know about the service you'll get from your gas transporter. 


What to expect

How we're doing

In our day to day operations, we do everything we can to meet our commitments to customers. But on some occasions, despite our best efforts, we let them down.

You can see our figures and how we're doing with our Guaranteed Standards of Service. 

Our reports

More help and information

Know your rights as an energy customer. Find out about our accurate billing code of practice and more.

Know your rights

Staying safe

It's important to stay safe with your gas appliances. We have some tips to make sure you're safe.


Safety advice


Find out what to do if you're not happy with us and see our complaints reports. 


How to resolve your complaint

Our customer commitment

We offer a range of information to show our responsibility to our customers and how we treat our customers fairly.

Standards of care