Q2 2015

Complaints reporting from the second quarter of 2015.

Complaints reporting in April to June 2015

The number of complaints we got

We recorded 230,119 complaints for residential customers over the last quarter; this signifies the lowest number for a quarter for over 18 months. This is obviously great news, and something we want to continue to progress during 2015.

You can see what we’re doing about the most common reasons for customer complaints on this page. We have been working hard to fix the things that go wrong and cause customer dissatisfaction.

Complaints we were able to fix before the end of the next working day and within eight weeks

The percentage of complaints resolved by the end of the next working day has fallen, and whilst this does mean it may be taking slightly longer in some cases to resolve complaints, we are focussed on getting the issue sorted out correctly first time and ensuring that the problem does not reoccur. We feel, and feedback from our customers supports this approach, that it is better to take the time to resolve an issue properly, and to the customers’ satisfaction, in the first instance.

We also note that the percentage of complaints that are resolved within eight weeks has slightly reduced.  We now have more robust policies in place that ensure we do our best to re-connect with our customers where we have lost contact and we always prevent complaints being prematurely marked as resolved. However, a side effect of this robustness is that it can impact this 8 week percentage. We believe this is the right thing to do, and is absolutely in the interests of our customers.

Despite this, complaints reaching 56 days is an area we have previously stated that we are committed to improving, and acknowledge that we should focus on this area of complaints handling.

What should I do if I want to complain to E.ON?

We have a clear process for handling complaints. The first step is to contact us and let us know you’re dissatisfied. It’s important that we hear directly from you about what’s making you unhappy so we have a chance to fix it.