Q3 2014

Complaints reporting from the third quarter of 2014.

Complaints reporting for July to September 2014

The number of complaints we got

We recorded 244,719 complaints for residential customers this quarter and this is lower than the previous quarter, however, we are still committed to continue improving the way that we deal with complaints. We are also reviewing Ofgem’s recent research findings (published on 26 September 2014) and will reflect on this and make changes, where appropriate. Read our letter to Ofgem for more information.

You can see what we’re doing about the most common reasons for customer complaints on this page. We have been working hard to fix the things that go wrong and cause customer dissatisfaction.


Complaints we were able to fix before the end of the next working day and within eight weeks

The percentage of complaints resolved by the end of the next working day has increased slightly. However, it’s vitally important to us, and our customers, that a complaint is resolved to a customer’s satisfaction. This has meant that some complaints may take slightly longer to fully resolve.

Complaints reaching 56 days is an area we hope to improve upon in the coming months.

We have invested in a new complaints managements system and In July 2014, we rolled this out across our business. We continue to embed this with ongoing training and support. This will better support our complaint handlers and enables us to give customers the best possible experience while we deal with their complaint.

What should I do if I want to complain to E.ON?

We have a clear process for handling complaints. The first step is to contact us and let us know you’re dissatisfied. It’s important that we hear directly from you about what’s making you unhappy so we have a chance to fix it.

If you have already spoken to us but would like to get additional impartial, clear and practical advice you can, at any point, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau Website (opens in a new window) or call their helpline on 03454 04 05 06.