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Our tariff prices

E.ON EnergyPlan

Check out the prices for our variable-priced tariff family for your region.

Our EnergyPlan tariffs are variable, which means prices are reviewed throughout the year and may go up or down. There's no end-date with these tariffs and we don't charge an exit fee if you choose to switch to another supplier.

E.ON EnergyPlan

Our standard variable-priced tariff, available if you pay by Direct Debit or when you get your bill.

Standard prices

E.ON EnergyPlan for Prepayment and Smart Pay As You Go

You'll be paying these prices if you're with us and top up by key or card (prepayment) or online (Smart Pay As You Go).

Prepayment and PAYG prices

E.ON EnergyPlan Assist

Available if you’ve got a credit meter, you’re on E.ON EnergyPlan or E.ON Energy Fix, and you’ve had a Warm Home Discount payment from us between October 2016 and March 2019.

Assist prices

Why E.ON?

We're all different, so why should the ways we get our energy be the same? At E.ON, we want you to get the most out of your tariff.