Over a third of Brits have become more aware of their energy use during lockdown, but cooking more sustainably could save more than £140 a year(1)

Food expert, Laura Jackson
It’s been a fantastic opportunity to create these recipes alongside E.ON, whose energy expertise has allowed each dish to be crafted with sustainable practices that achieve meaningful results.
Food expert, Laura Jackson
  • More than half of Brits say they would switch to more sustainable cooking methods if they knew how to2
  • E.ON has teamed up with broadcaster and cook Laura Jackson to create a series of sustainable recipes using simple appliance swaps

With many of us spending more time in the kitchen over the last few months, new research from E.ON has revealed that more than a third (36%) of people have become aware of the amount of energy they’re using at home over the course of lockdown. Additionally, over half (54%) of Brits would change their cooking habits to become more sustainable to save energy if they knew how to.

As Brits have shown an appetite towards switching up their cooking styles, E.ON has teamed up with food extraordinaire Laura Jackson to create a series of recipes that can help save up to £146 per year3 through new low-energy recipes.

The four recipes include a blend of energy saving techniques, along with minimal waste ingredients to encourage a more sustainable way of cooking. Simple energy saving hacks such as switching the oven for a bamboo steamer to cook Laura’s Citrus Salmon dish could save up to £35.65 a year, as well as slow cooking a leg of lamb rather than oven roasting which could save up to £50.25 a year.

Each recipe encourages home cooks to switch up the appliances they may usually reach for, as one in three (30%) survey respondents admitted they weren’t aware that different appliances consume varying amounts of power.

Laura Jackson said: It’s been a fantastic opportunity to create these recipes alongside E.ON, whose energy expertise has allowed each dish to be crafted with sustainable practices that achieve meaningful results.

“Each element of every recipe, including appliances, methods and ingredients has been meticulously crafted to ensure that they’re making a real difference to the amount of power being consumed in the kitchen. Plus, our more energy efficient recipes could save you up to £146 per year. Who doesn’t love a saving?”

Amongst the other recipes are Spicy Vegan Tomato Pasta and a decadent Chocolate Cherry Cake which can help save up to £60.78 combined.

E.ON’s energy efficiency expert, Paul Edwards, said: “Our research has shown that many Brits are more aware of how much energy they’re consuming at home over recent months and especially in the kitchen, as many of us are cooking more meals from scratch. We therefore wanted to provide people with a host of tips that would help them reduce energy waste.

“Sustainability is a passion of ours at E.ON; all of our residential customers’ electricity is backed by 100% renewable sources4. We’re thrilled to have Laura on board to help create these new recipes and we hope that they will encourage people to think more broadly about how they can make other sustainable changes in the home.

To view the recipes and for more information please visit eonenergy.com/spark/sustainable-recipes

Laura will also be adding a little extra flavour by taking her Instagram followers through each recipe in her how-to demonstrations

E.ON offers smart meters, efficient boilers and solar and battery technology which can all help people better manage their home energy use, and even generate their own.

  • To find out more about how you could save energy at home, and for personalised energy saving tips, visit eonenergy.com/save
  • To find out more about electricity backed by 100% renewable sources from E.ON3, visit eonenergy.com/renewable


Notes to Editors:

  1. Actual savings will vary by individual cooking appliance efficiency, fuel type and tariff.
  2. Research conducted by Censuswide in June 2020, with a survey of 1,500 18–55 year olds.
  3. Costs based on cooking recipe twice per week, per year for four people.
  4. Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your homes comes from the National Grid. Find out more at eonenergy.com/renewable

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