DS Smith Paper Ltd

Kemsley 1

We operate, maintain and asset manage Kemsley 1 on behalf of DS Smith Ltd. First built by us in 1995 for DS Smith to fulfill their steam requirements with guaranteed reliability, we generate up to 80MWe and 200MWth. We’re serious about fulfilling our customer’s energy needs, therefore the plant includes six standby boilers to ensure there is no interruption to the steam supply.

Kemsley 1 CHP at a glance:

- Operated and maintained by us, on behalf of DS Smith Ltd
- Generates up to 80MWe and 200MWth
- Capable of 85% fuel efficiency

Kemsley 2

DS Smith’s aim is to make 100% of their resources into something more useful, so we built Kemsley 2, an Energy from Waste plant (EFW). The combustion plant is fuelled by around 120,000 tonnes per year of by products from the paper recycling process. This has significantly reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill, whilst providing 24MWth of useful steam to the customer. 

Kemsley 2 CHP at a glance:

- Owned, operated and maintained by us 
- Uses around 120,000 tonnes of the customers paper waste a year
- Generates 24MWth
- Fluidised Bed Combustor (FBC) plant on the DS Smith Ltd Paper Mill Site