Kemsley 1

DS Smith Paper Ltd

The CHP scheme on the Kemsley site meets all the steam and electricity requirements of the DS Smith Paper Mill site located at Kemsley near Sittingbourne, Kent. E.ON operates and maintains the plant on behalf of DS Smith Paper Ltd

The CHP plant was designed and constructed on the basis of steam reliability being of prime importance. Primarily steam is produced by utilising the hot exhaust gases from a single 40MWe gas turbine and converted in two heat recovery boilers which are supplementary fired to give the additional heat required. The high pressure steam then passes through a steam turbine before being controlled to the temperatures and pressures required by DS Smith.  The plant includes six standby  boilers with a combined capacity well in excess of a main boiler. Overall these and other measures combine to ensure there is no interruption to the steam supply.. 

Commissioned towards the end of 1995, the plant produces useful energy at an overall fuel conversion capable of producing efficiency of 85%. Steam is supplied at the highest quality, ensuring that DS Smith can continue to offer the finest products into their markets.