Our Services

Business Heat and Power Solutions can help your business by delivering:

Project Development and Delivery

Because of our own extensive site construction experience, we are able to cover major contract options, from full Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to multi-lot, using E.ON as the integrator/principal contractor.

Operational Mobilisation

Our experience of both setting up new and managing existing Operations and Maintenance teams across BHPS means we have the expertise to set up safe and efficient ways of working for your business.  Tapping into the proven methods of more than 15 site mobilisations over the past 20 years ensures we maximise the potential output of your site from Day 1.

Operations and Performance Optimisation

Drawing on our knowledge of working with our managed fleet, we’re able to ensure your asset performs to the very highest standard every day. Our expert in-house Optimisation and Performance team ensures your site operates to a high level of availability and reliability, whilst maintaining efficiency.

Maintenance and Engineering Expertise

Our in-house BHPS Asset Management team work together with the site teams to manage and deliver maintenance activities using a mixture of contract staff and E.ON in-house maintenance capabilities.

Asset Engineering and Governance

We are ISO 55001 (Asset Management), OHSAS 18001 (Safety and Health) and ISO 14001 (Environment) accredited, meaning we are fully approved to meet all on site needs.

Environmental Permitting, Fuel Sustainability and EU ETS

We can deliver your complex environmental obligations for your sites.  We can also manage cost effective carbon purchasing on behalf of you and our BHPS fleet. 

Regulatory and Stakeholder Management:

As an Operations and Maintenance provider, we can work in partnership with you to fulfil your environmental and statutory obligations.  We engage with stakeholders, including the Environmental Agency, OFGEM and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy to ensure our role in the energy market is positive. We take an active role within regulatory industrial groups to influence better energy policy which affects your sites future.

Asset/Portfolio Optimisation

In 2016 we merged our UK CHP, Merchant and Biomass fleet to create a single management structure. Now our BHPS fleet utilises a central support of Asset Management services, Energy Economics and the Commercial Operations team, which all work towards ensuring we and our customers get the most from every aspect of their site.

For more information about how we can help your business, please contact bhps_enquiries@eon-uk.com.