Living near an E.ON site

We want to be a good neighbour at all of our sites and to play an active and positive role in the communities where we operate. Our benefits package can include:

A community fund

A community fund may be available to those residents local to our sites or new developments. If available, this can be spent as the community sees fit, for example books for schools, restoration projects, social enterprise projects and even micro generation technologies.

Provision of educational material to local schools

In 2006 we launched the E.ON Energy Experience, an education program aimed at educating children under the age of 16 about energy. By giving young people the information they need to make informed choices we hope to create an energy literate generation.

Energy Action Fund

The E.ON Energy Action Fund is available for community groups and non-profit organisations that wish to pursue and implement sustainable energy measures.

Energy efficiency advice and products

Energy efficiency advice saves energy and money. Energy efficiency, coupled with renewable energy schemes is critical for reducing green house gas emissions. We offer advice and a number of services.