Project Information

Site Statistics
Location 8km off the East Yorkshire coast
Total power
Project scope
73 turbines

We at E.ON believe the Humber Gateway project will help tackle climate change and make a significant contribution to the UK’s renewable generation targets, whilst providing a clean and efficient means of energy generation.

Located 8km off the East Yorkshire coast, just north of the mouth of the river Humber, the wind farm comprises of 73 turbines and has an installed capacity of up to 219MW.

The wind farm is capable of generating enough electricity to power up to 170,000 UK homes, which is more than one and a half times the number of homes in Hull.

After considering a number of alternative sites we believed Humber Gateway was an ideal location for the generation of offshore wind energy, with its high winds and good connection into the National Grid.

A key part to the project was the connection of the offshore wind farm into the National Grid onshore. Connected through onshore and offshore cables linked to a substation, these are essential components to the project, as the cables are needed to feed the electricity generated by the wind farm into the National Grid for distribution around the UK.

The offshore cables bring ashore the electricity where it will adjoin the onshore cables that run underground for approximately 30km from Easington to Salt End. Two substations, one onshore and one offshore, are be needed to step up the voltage of the electricity that is generated by the 73 Wind Turbines to connect into the National Grid.

The total area of the site is approximately 24.8 square kilometres and its northern boundary runs parallel to existing pipelines that run into Easington. The site’s easterly and southerly boundaries are surrounded by the shipping channels leaving the Humber estuary.