The vessels

The Sea Worker

The Sea Worker is a modern jack up barge which installed the monopiles, transition pieces and turbines on the Robin Rigg offshore wind farm. Typically whilst working on the project she would sleep a crew of 40-45 people. The Sea Worker is 55.5m in length with a breadth of 32.20m. She is suited to deep water sites due to her extremely long legs (73m) and can work in water depths of up to 40m.

The Sea Energy

The Sea Energy is a self propelled vessel which fed turbines and blades on to the Sea Worker. Typically she would house a crew of 35. The Sea Energy is 91.7m in length and has a breadth of 21.6m. She can operate in a water depth of 24m depending on tide and penetration and can travel at a maximum speed of 8knts.

The Solway Spirit

The Solway Spirit is an aluminium purpose built wind farm support vessel. She is 45 foot long and has a top speed of 26knts. She was built by South Boats on the Isle of Wight and arrived on site in August 2008. She is the first vessel E.ON have had commissioned specifically for wind farm support. With a crew of two and seating for 12 passengers she is highly suited to the role at Robin Rigg. Her duties include transferring personnel to and from the turbines and substations and maintaining a presence in the area whilst personnel are on the wind farm.

The Windcat 3

The Windcat 3 is a chartered vessel supplied by Windcat workboats. She is an aluminium catamaran with a 45' long hull and top speed of 26knts. She has seating for 12 passengers and two crew. However, she has a slightly different layout than the Solway Spirit but is nevertheless still perfectly capable of fulfilling her role as a wind farm support boat. Her role will be identical to the Solway Spirit and she will be with us for approximately five years.