Deucheran Hill

Deucheran Hill was E.ON’s first onshore wind farm in Scotland. Construction took several months and became fully operational in December 2001. At the time of construction, its nine 1.75MW turbines were the most powerful in the UK. Transporting the turbine towers and blades was very difficult due to the size of the components and the remoteness of the site. So to make things easier, the towers had to be manufactured in sections and assembled on site.

Construction also had to be managed around the needs of a special group of inhabitants - the local golden eagles. Special measures were taken such as installing specially-designed perches along the route of the overhead power lines. We believe this is a first in the history of UK wind farm construction.

In 2015, the wind farm generated enough power to supply nearly 7,000 households.*

*Based on an annual average domestic household consumption of 4,115kWH (source: Renewable UK)

Site Statistics
Location Near Carradale, Kintyre
Project scope  9 turbines 
Turbine height  46-60m to hub, 79-93m to tip 
Total power  15.75MW