Haswell Moor


October 2010 saw the end of construction and connection of Haswell Moor wind farm in County Durham.

The wind farm is home to five 2MW turbines, which stand 110m tall to the tip of the blade. In 2015, Haswell Moor produced enough clean energy to power around 7,500 homes each year.*

Prior to construction there was archaeological interest in the site, and as a result we appointed Durham University to carry out a detailed investigation before compiling a full report on the wind farm location. Construction started in April 2010 and finished in October 2010.

We have invested over £80,000 since 2011 from our community fund that have benefited local community projects. More information about the community benefit fund is available on the County Durham Community Foundation website.

*Based on an annual average domestic household consumption of 4,115kWH (source: Renewable UK) 

Site Statistics
Location Haswell Plough, County Durham
Project scope 5 turbines
Turbine height  110m to blade tip 
Total power  10MW