Rhyd-y-Groes Wind Farm is located near the north western shores of Anglesey in Wales and has been operational since November 1992.

The wind farm was developed by TriGen Windpower Limited and constructed by Toyo West (UK) Limited and is now owned by TPG Wind Limited, a joint venture between E.ON and Eurus Energy Europe BV.

Wind technology has moved on since we first built Rhyd-y-Groes and now we could be able to generate more energy from fewer turbines.

The current wind farm has 22 turbines with a maximum total power output of 6.6MW.

We’re looking to replace the current turbines with up to 13 modern turbines, which could produce up to 11.7MW of renewable energy.

*Based on an annual average domestic household consumption of 4,115kWH (source: Renewable UK)

Site Statistics
Location Anglesey, North Wales
Project scope  24 turbines 
Turbine height  31m to hub, 46m to tip 
Total power Up to 7.2MW